State Themes in Self-Advocacy: Policy

Themes States Who Have Accomplishments in this Theme States Who Have Goals in this Theme
Access to legislative process Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Vermont, Louisiana, Maryland, New Hampshire, Iowa, Texas, Washington, Wyoming, Florida, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Michigan, Maine, Massachusetts Colorado, Alabama, Arizona, Michigan
Olmstead – either involved in council or plan development North Dakota, West Virginia, Georgia, Ohio Georgia
Moving people out and closing state hospitals/institutions Tennessee, California, Oregon,  New Jersey, Maryland, West Virginia, Illinois, Washington, Alabama, California, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin Texas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, New Jersey
Getting Rid of the R word / passing respectful language law West Virginia, Hawaii, Maryland, Iowa, South Carolina,Wyoming, Alabama, New Mexico, Arkansas,  Missouri, Virginia, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Iowa, North Dakota, North Carolina,  Arkansas, Nevada, Oregon, Oklahoma, New Hampshire, Illinois, Colorado, Minnesota, Virginia, Massachusetts, New York, Vermont District of Columbia, Alaska, Oklahoma
Protests against Medicaid/Medicare cuts or advocating for more waiver funding Illinois, Nebraska, Texas, Maryland, Wyoming, Vermont New Mexico
Self-Directed Supports and responsive providers Illinois, Colorado, Pennsylvania, New Jersey Delaware, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey
ADA compliance Northern Marianas Islands, New Mexico


Some states are listed both under accomplishments and goals for the same themes. This happened when a state team presented that they had achievement in an area and made a goal to improve upon their previous work.