State Themes in Self-Advocacy: Organizational Development

Themes States Who Have Accomplishments in this Theme States Who Have Goals in this Theme
Organizational Development
Becoming a 501(c)3 established nonprofit District of Columbia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Ohio, Kentucky, Delaware, Idaho, Montana, Minnesota, Massachusetts Louisiana
Establish statewide self-advocacy network or organization or unify/coordinate self-advocacy efforts Minnesota, Virginia Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, Nebraska, Florida, Tennessee, Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, North Carolina, California, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maine, New York
Establish or build on existing Partnerships/Collaboration Montana,  Indiana, Michigan, New York, Illinois, Northern Mariana Islands, District of Columbia, Maryland, Hawaii, Florida, Arizona, Ohio, Massachusetts Connecticut, Hawaii, Guam, Northern Marianas Islands, Illinois, Colorado, Montana, Oregon, Oklahoma, Maine, Massachusetts
Hold State Conferences Wisconsin,  West Virginia, District of Columbia, Georgia, Nevada, Arkansas, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, South Dakota, Maine, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island
Hold SABE Conference Indiana Oklahoma
Increase Funding Tennessee, Arizona District of Columbia, Texas, Arkansas, Minnesota
Leadership-building Pennsylvania, California, Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island Missouri
Paid Exec Director Oregon
Professional support staff Maryland
Continue meeting and planning after the summit New Hampshire, Georgia, Mississippi, Arkansas, New York
Statewide Advocacy Summit Idaho, Alabama Iowa, Oregon
Creating own agendas / leading own meetings Connecticut , Delaware, Texas, Massachusetts
Outreach to increase membership Indiana Delaware, Louisiana, Nebraska, Texas, Colorado, Florida, North Carolina, Utah
Increase communication in and out of the group Missouri, New Jersey Nebraska, Utah, Virginia
Create Strategic Plan South Carolina, Indiana
Embracing technology / use social media Arizona,  Ohio, Colorado
Focus on issues, rather than populations Colorado
Start a Self-Advocacy Resource Center Tennessee
Become a self-sustaining organization Nevada


Some states are listed both under accomplishments and goals for the same themes. This happened when a state team presented that they had achievement in an area and made a goal to improve upon their previous work.