State Themes in Self-Advocacy: Grow Individual Self-Advocacy

Themes States Who Have Accomplishments in this Theme States Who Have Goals in this Theme
Grow Individual Self-Advocacy
Self-Advocacy Training for people and families, including peer mentoring Puerto Rico, Iowa, Texas, Alaska, North Dakota, Florida, Mississippi, California, Nevada, Minnesota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Ohio, Maine, Massachusetts, Vermont Connecticut, Texas, Michigan, Vermont
Youth Advocacy Training, Leadership, and Chapters Kentucky, South Carolina, Idaho, South Dakota, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Washington, Montana, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, California, Nevada, Kansas, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Wisconsin, Massachusetts, New York District of Columbia, American Samoa, Alaska, Guam, Massachusetts, New Jersey
Family Support American Samoa
Voting Training and initiatives Maryland, Kentucky, Iowa, Georgia, Oregon, Missouri, Ohio, Maine Arizona, Oklahoma, Michigan
People speaking for themselves / being own guardians Puerto Rico, American Samoa, California, Arkansas, Oklahoma


Some states are listed both under accomplishments and goals for the same themes. This happened when a state team presented that they had achievement in an area and made a goal to improve upon their previous work.