DD Act & DD Network

DD Act

Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000 (The DD Act) Federal legislation with the purpose of  assuring that people with developmental disabilities and their families take part in the design of, and have access to, needed community services, individualized supports, and other forms of assistance that promote self-determination, independence, productivity, and integration and inclusion in all facets of community life, through culturally competent programs authorized under the law.

What is…the DD Act?? ADD?? DD Network??:  This handout was provided to state team members attending the self-advocacy summits as an overview written in accessible language of the DD Act (Developmental Disability Act), ADD (Administration on Developmental Disabilities), and the DD Network (Developmental Disability Network).

DD Network

The Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (AIDD) is the U.S. Government organization responsible for implementation of the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act of 2000, known as the DD Act. On April 16, 2012, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services combined AIDD, the Administration on Aging, and the Office on Disability into a new agency called the Administration for Community Living. In addition, the Administration on Developmental Disabilities changed its name to the Administration on Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities.

AUCD logo

The Association of University Centers on Disabilities (AUCD) is a network of interdisciplinary centers advancing policy and practice for and with individuals with developmental and other disabilities, their families, and communities. Currently, AUCD represents 67 University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD) across the country with at least one center found in every state and territory in the U.S.

NACDD logo

The National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD) serves as the national voice of the 55 State and Territorial Councils on Developmental Disabilities. NACDD supports Councils in implementing the Developmental Disabilities Assistance and Bill of Rights Act (DD Act) and promoting the interests and rights of people with developmental disabilities and their families. The DD Act charges Councils to identify the most pressing needs of people with developmental disabilities in their state or territory and to engage in advocacy, systems change and capacity building activities to help States meet the identified needs.

NDRN logo

The National Disability Rights Network (NDRN), is the nonprofit membership organization for the Protection and Advocacy (P&A) system and Client Assistance Program (CAP). The P&A/CAP network was established by the United States Congress to protect the rights of people with disabilities and their families through legal support, advocacy, referral, and education. The P&A/CAP network is the largest provider of legally based advocacy services to people with disabilities in the country. NDRN’s mission is to promote the integrity and capacity of the P&A and CAP national network and to advocate for the enactment and vigorous enforcement of laws protecting civil and human rights of people with disabilities.