Archived Webinars


Archived Webinar: Wisconsin’s Self-Advocacy and Public Policy Efforts

Wisconsin’s DD Network  works together to support self-advocates to strengthen our Statewide Self-Advocacy  efforts. Hear from  Wisconsin’s Disability Partners organizations and  People First Wisconsin on ways we are working together to increase leadership capacity and create change in Wisconsin.


Archived Webinar: Post-Self-Advocacy Summits Webinar: Youth & Self- Advocacy

In 2011 and 2012, self-advocacy summits were held all over the US. These summits gave state teams the chance to set statewide goals on self-advocacy. Many state teams created goals that talked about getting young people with disabilities involved in self-advocacy activities. This webinar will assist statewide teams, organizations and individuals in empowering young people with disabilities to become self-advocates. It may seem hard to get young people involved in self-advocacy, but it’s not impossible!


Archived NCEDC Webinar: Self- Advocacy Online & Research Translation: Fuller Participation for Individual with ID/DD

Self-Advocacy Online is an educational and networking website for teens and adults with intellectual and developmental disabilities. It is a place to find accessible information on current topics in self-advocacy. Key areas of the site include a listing of self-advocacy groups, a video story wall, an online learning center, and research studies translated into accessible documents.


Archived Webinar: Transportation

Helping people get transportation to and from where they want to go to, was a major theme that came out of the self-advocacy summits, and it is still a big issue today. West Virginia, New Mexico and Maine have been working on transportation, since the summits. Presenters talked about what they have been working on in the area of transportation.



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